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teknote systems corporate blog - Just another techie weblog

teknote systems corporate blog

Just another techie weblog

December 29th, 2010

DooID or Don’tID?

Ever find yourself wanting to share contact information with others but with limitations? For example, giving that personal blog address to a friend might be acceptable, but your newest business client might find it a little unprofessional. Precisely where DooID comes in handy with secure contact information sharing, aka ‘Social Business Card with Privacy’.

Here is how it works: After setting up an account on DooID and entering your AIM, Twitter, Facebook and/or other social networking sites, you decide which information is public and private. Now only visitors to your DooID web address who have password privileges can access private contact information. Genius!


August 26th, 2010

iPhone 4: Antenna and/or AT&T Coverage Issues?

So I broke down and replaced my 3 year old Palm TREO smartphone with an Apple iPhone 4, despite all of the hype floating around the press about a supposed antenna defect. Why would a techie like me who researches her gadgets like a mad woman before committing to a final purchase do such a thing? Because after holding the iPhone in my hot little hands and falling in love with the slick look and feel of Apple’s latest smartphone masterpiece, I was a goner. Completely sold.

And then I brought my new technological wonder home to a location I soon learned has weak to pathetic AT&T signal strength. That’s right. Take a look at the image below and you’ll see what I’m talking about - a picture is worth a thousand words:

Swiss Cheese Coverage
But this signal strength problem was not enough to tear my sleek new iPhone 4 away from me. No siree! Instead, I’ve found ways to deal with my lousy home signal by doing the following:

  • Downloading updates 4.01 and 4.02 for iOS4.
  • When at all possible, keep hands from covering phone’s bottom left corner where antenna is located. Better yet, take advantage of the ability to rotate the device 45 degrees for a wider screen and keypad.
  • Install the free bumper provided by Apple.

Easy peasy! Meanwhile after doing all of the above and reading various iPhone 4 news while working out at the gym, I ran across another brave iPhone 4 owner’s review that I couldn’t agree with more. The writer’s name is Daniel Terdiman and he writes a column called Geek Gestalt on High. Fives.

The funniest thing to me about all the hoopla this summer over the iPhone 4’s antenna problems is that everyone kicking and screaming about the situation seemed to overlook one small thing: pop a bumper on the device and it works absolutely fine.

Sure, when a company advertises the benefits of an all-new antenna design and the sleek metallic lines of a device like the iPhone 4–and charges $30 for a little plastic bumper–people develop expectations.

But throw in the bumper for free, which Apple was forced to do after Consumer Reports’ damning review, and suddenly you’ve got yourself a really great smart phone–and nothing to complain about… [more]

November 13th, 2009

Facebook Invasion: Beware of New ‘Smart’ Worm

Are you a Facebook member? If so, pay attention to the latest hijack threat as reported here by PCWorld:

Hot on the heels of a reported hijacking of hundreds of Facebook groups, a new variation on an old worm is crawling its way into the social network’s walls. Attackers have released an updated, more intelligent version of the notorious Koobface virus, security analysts say–and anyone could become its next victim.

The Facebook Hijack

First, the hijacking: An organization called “Control Your Info” apparently took control of as many as 300 Facebook groups over the past several days. Members added their own logo onto the pages, announcing they’d “hijacked” the groups and providing a link back to their own site.

(Facebook maintains no confidential information was ever exposed–the affected groups, representatives say, were abandoned and open for any member to take over.)

The “Control Your Info” Web site states that the organization’s mission was to expose security holes in social media–a fitting segue to today’s new threat.

Facebook’s New Concern

The new threat has a familiar name. Koobface–which, by the way, is an anagram of the word Facebook–first popped up in mid-2008 and has been pestering users ever since.

The worm typically works by taking over your PC, then sending messages or wall postings to your friends. The messages include links to what appear to be funny videos or risqué photos of people you and your friends know. Anyone who follows the links, however, will ultimately end up infected with the malware themselves–usually by way of a bogus software update that pops up on-screen. [more]

October 20th, 2009

Be Aware of Scareware

Most computer users are familiar with shareware and spyware, but new on the internet is a ‘ware’ called scareware that is scary indeed. Sneaking into advertisements commonly displayed on social networking sites, blogs, and trusted web addresses, this newfangled type of cybercrime is intended to tap into your wallet and/or identity. To learn more about how to protect yourself from scareware, read Symantec’s latest news release feed:

Cybercriminals Use Fear and Anxiety to Convince Users to Buy Rogue Security Software

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – October 19, 2009 – Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced the findings of its Report on Rogue Security Software. The study’s findings, based on data obtained during the 12-month period of July 2008 to June 2009, reveal that cybercriminals are employing increasingly persuasive online scare tactics to convince users to purchase rogue security software. Rogue security software, or “scareware,” is software that pretends to be legitimate security software. These rogue applications provide little or no value and may even install malicious code or reduce the overall security of the computer. [more]

April 28th, 2009

Hi-Def Camcorders go Pocket-Style

As pocket “flip” camcorders continue to be all the rage, quality becomes increasingly better with hi-def moving into the picture. Now, not only can you capture video on the fly, but you can actually record with frame rate options and superb video quality. Check out these inexpensive pocketable camcorders:

Be sure to take a look at Pure Digital’s video demo. Portable video gets even more affordable and easy to use each day!

March 21st, 2009

Cute Lil Netbooks

Computer users have watched notebook computers go thinner and light as paper, so what’s next? Even smaller! That’s right, now web surfers have the no-lugging option of sporting miniature notebook computers for logging onto the internet. What could be more handy than a purse-sized computer for checking favorite websites while sipping a latte at the coffee house, as opposed to a 19″ desktop replacement taking up too much table space? A Netbook is the answer.

But wait. Before you go crazy purchasing any old Netbook computer, Teknote Systems recommends that you do some comparison shopping first. Take inventory on how you plan to use the computer and what will be needed in support of that usage. What kind of operating system fits into your comfort zone? Be aware that most manufacturers charge extra for Windows, pre-loading Linux Ubuntu instead unless you request otherwise. Take a long and close look at the specifications. Will the Netbook have enough memory to support software specifications? Review the fine print, or else upgrades may be necessary in your future.

For more information, visit the following websites for help in becoming an informed Netbook shopper:

June 21st, 2008

Eye on Microblogging

For those interested in blogging but without the time to generate elaborate posts, ‘microblogging’ is a much better alternative. What is microblogging? Basically microblogging is blogging in a nutshell, or posting web logs in about 200 characters or less. Services such as Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce are popular with microbloggers who post updates about what they are doing, and the number of microblog users continues to grow exponentially.

With the increased number of microbloggers sharing posts, users are turning toward indexing services the help monitor microblog feeds. FriendFeed, twhirl, and Tweetscan are useful tools in keeping track of online public conversations within Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce. Hidden or ‘protected’ posts are not tracked, an added layer of security for bloggers wanting messages to be viewed only by privately selected users.

Current events have never before been so rapidly broadcast, with microblogs quickly becoming the new electronic wave pushing mainstream media to the wayside. What are you doing now anyway?

March 25th, 2008

Online TV Made Easy

Watching television shows from your computer is no longer a thing of the future. A quickly growing company by the name of Hulu provides online viewing of TV episodes, clips and movies around the clock in the United States. Want to know more? View this video walkthrough:

January 25th, 2008

Upscale Vending Machines

Vending machines are known for providing consumers a quick snack or beverage while on-the-go, but iPods and perfume? That’s right. ZoomSystems has created vending machines to sell electronics and beauty products in U.S. airports and stores such as Macy’s. With the use of touch screens, consumers can interactively purchase Apple iPods, Elizabeth Arden cosmetics, Sony digital cameras and more exclusive name-brand products without ever talking to a salesperson.

But are these vending machines a fad or will they actually catch on with shoppers? Personally, in comparison to shopping online, I like the idea of instantly receiving my purchase rather than waiting for the item to be shipped to my home. However the drawback I can see is in returning items, which is not quite as simple. Rather than taking the item directly to a ‘brick and mortar’ store for a refund or exchange, I would be forced to ship the item back to the factory and then wait to receive a refund. Not exactly a quick and easy process, but then again impulse buyers tend not to think ahead about the possibility of having to return a product.

Now to see how shoppers react and if the machines stand the test of time.

December 3rd, 2007

You’ve Got Voice Mail

Google TalkWho says voice mail over the Internet is not just for the corporate world? Google, that’s who! Simply download Google Talk and get started with free online communication, including instant messaging and voice mail service. Not interested in another download? No problem. Just launch the Google Talk gadget and be on your way to instant communication.

Get Google Talk while it’s hot!